A Chat with Illustratator: Ina Mazzei

Every season I start with a moodboard for a collection and have general idea of what we want to create in our prints. For our AW21 collection, I was so inspired by drawings and illustrations by Ina Mazzei. I reached out in hope to collaborate on a print and was elated to find out she was just as exited to work with me. She hand drew the Biddy print for us and we are so in love with the final results.
Here is a little chat I had with her if you like to read more...
Tell us about the art you created as a child:
Coming from a very artistically oriented family, and being surrounded by art my whole life made me paint and draw in a very natural way since I was little. I could spend hours painting little gifts, origamis and any kind of doddles for my little classmates. I remember a long list of things I wanted to be, (an actress, a professional tennis player, a social worker…) but art seemed to be present my whole life and that’s how it eventually became my passion.
Tell us about your inspiration behind the biddy print  you created  for our AW21 collection
Working for Lali Kids was so much fun from the beginning. They gave me the guidance to create the Biddy Floral print for this collection, but what really inspired me and motivated me through the process was the esthetic of the brand itself which is inspired by the traditions from the past and designs beautiful and special pieces that are created for kids to play.
The color palette was an inspiration from the woods, forest, dry plants and winter berries. Painting every single flower was so relaxing and therapeutic. I think that is reflected on the final result. 
How does the creative process fit into your day? Can you speak to your schedule and mothering while creating?
“Live a quite life and work with your hands” that is one of my favorite sayings and I think a creative process requires a lot of quietness. 
Sometimes life gets crazy specially when you are a mom and things are not that easy to juggle at all times, but a big part of my inspiration process come from the daily life, and my kids are a big part which make me be constantly creating through them. 
What do you imagine children doing in the print youve created?
Definitely playing! I dream of a world where every kid has the time and the right to play.
Advice for mothers to nurture creativity and exploration in their own children?
Give your child the opportunity to make thing with their hands. keep them away from the screens as much as possible and go outside and read a lot of books with them :)

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