Our Story

A note from our designer

Lali means ‘little darling’ in Hindi. 

My passion for making garments is rooted in nostalgia. I spent my childhood in a quiet corner of India where there was an honest connection to how one’s clothing is made. My mother would take me to the textile market, where she taught me to discern fabric for my needs; airy cotton voiles for sweltering summer days--sturdy linens I could ride my bike and climb fences in--and raw silks for wedding celebrations. These would then be tailor-made into garments which fit my lifestyle. Through this childhood ritual, the idea of an intentional wardrobe took root and from that place, Lali eventually grew. 

Our studio is a collective of women, hinged on the ardent work of myself and and many talented women of notably different backgrounds. Since 2015, we’ve collaborated to bring each collection to life. At Lali, we seek to nourish each other in our work and our aspirations. 

Each collection is inspired by the exploration of a child’s physical and emotional world. Prints and patterns aim to foster the curiosity, spirit, and adventures of children, and the secret world they explore when no one is watching. This underlying dreamy aesthetic is woven into our fabrics; though our mission extends far beyond each thread. At Lali, we believe in cultivating discerning taste from a young age – nurturing what feels comfortable, encouraging purposeful choices.

I invite you to explore with us. 

Thank you,

Kinnari McDevitt,
Designer and Proud Mama to Aiden

A look behind the scenes

Our Process

Lali works continuously with the same Fair-Trade Certified companies and we are proud to be a part of a community of printers, weavers, and makers. It has been a joy to watch as our artisan partners grow alongside us; expanding their creative space as we both flourish. 

Each season, we begin not with a trip to the market, but with raw materials. I personally source cottons for printing, and arrange our woven fabrics right down to the individual thread colors. Influence is drawn from hand-looming and block printing techniques; we weave and print just enough for the collection, and any scraps are recycled into accessories.

Our aim is to produce in the most ethical and sustainable way we know how.