Block Printing Tutorial

With Thanksgiving around the corner we wanted to create a little craft to help entertain the kiddos.
While you are busy prepping the meal and everything else that comes along with the holidays, here's a fun little craft idea to keep the kids busy and can help add a sweet little touch to your holiday decor.
Block printing is an integral part of how we create our prints every season. Its an ancient printing technique that can be easily adapted for kids to create their own imperfectly perfect works of art.  It's a great idea to make table runners, placemats, and name cards  for your holiday festivities. There is no limit to what you and your little ones can create, just have fun!
What you'll need:
-Paint Brush
-Paper plate (something to put the paint colors on)
-Cup of water (for cleaning the brushes)
-Paper, fabric (whatever it is you want to print on)
What to do:
1. Cut the potato in half. Draw a simple design (leaf, heart, etc.) on one of the potato halves. Carefully cut around the design so that the design is elevated creating a stamp.
2. Pour some paint onto the paper plates. Using the paint brush, paint the elevated design with the paint. (You could also dip the potato stamp into a small amount of paint, the design may not come out as precise, but still cute!)
3. Stamp the paint covered potato onto the fabric or paper.
4. Repeat this process until the project is done, and That's it!
How simple is that?
We hope you and your kiddos have fun with this. It's great for all of the holiday festivities or as just an everyday craft! If you try this we would love to see what you and your little ones create, so make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see all of your adorable creations!

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