Halloween is near...

Halloween is near, which means it’s the perfect time for imagination and play. It’s a time for the dark and spooky, superheroes and supervillains, princesses and storybook characters. We get to help our kids bring their dreams to life, letting them live out their fantasy of playing Little Red Riding Hood, their favorite storybook character; Robin Hood, their favorite heroic outlaw; or a pilot, because they dream of flying the skies.

While we are sparking their imaginations we also want to make sure we make environment friendly choices. We can have all the fun and whimsy of Halloween while still making sure their costumes are sustainable and long lasting instead of doing harm to the earth by sitting in a landfill. We have some fun ideas using our current Fall pieces that can help you bring their dreams to life this Halloween all while being sustainable.

We hope these ideas help create the perfect night of make believe. And of course we would love to see what you and your sweet little ones come up with so please share with us your favorite Halloween looks and memories!

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