A Sweet DIY Holiday Calendar from our friend Laura Prietto

The bells are ringing and the music playing, lights are shining brightly and the warm smells of cinnamon fill the air; the Holiday season is in full swing! And with the weather getting colder, our friend Laura is back to share with us another sweet and easy craft to do with your kiddos when you’re keeping warm inside.

This sweet Holiday calendar is a fun way for your family to countdown to all of the events of the season!




Kraft Paper

Fabric Scraps


Potatoes to create stamps (or you can use pre-made stamps)

Glue Stick


Clothes Pins

String or Twine





Step 1: Using cardboard, cut out the shape of each of your houses.

Step 2: Cut the potato(es) into halves or smaller, and carve out the window panes and doors. You can also use premade stamps, or paint/draw the windows and doors freehand…whichever you would prefer!

Step 3: If using your potato stamp or a premade stamp, paint the stamp and use it to decorate the houses with windows and doors

Step 4: Using a glue stick, put glue on the roof of the house or wherever you would like to decorate with fabric.

Step 5: Add the fabric where you placed the glue and trim the fabric (trim the fabric around the edge of the house).

Step 6: Repeat these steps to create each of your houses (one for each day).

Step 7: Accordion fold kraft paper to create strips to cut. Write an activity your family enjoys doing on each section of paper.

Step 8: Attach one activity to the back of each of the houses you created using stickers.

Step 9: Tie your twine or string to a tree branch (real or faux). Using clothes pins, hang each of the houses. Then hang your sweet new Advent calendar and get ready to countdown through the Holidays!

We love that this Advent calendar gives you and your kiddos something to look forward to each day of the Holiday season.

We can’t wait to see what you create, so please tag us on Instagram @lalikids to share your sweet creations with us!

Follow Laura @_laura_prietto to get inspired for more simple crafts to do with your little ones.

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