Block Printing Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, so now is the perfect time to start prepping for those classroom parties! We have a simple and fun little craft for you to do with your kiddos that will add an extra special touch to the Valentine’s cards that they hand out to all of their friends. With just a few supplies and a little time, you and your little one are ready to have a fun afternoon making sweet memories.



Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (Optional)


Valentine’s Day stamp & Ink pad



Decorative string or ribbon

Candy Sucker                                                                        



  1. Cut the cardstock into the desired size of your Valentine’s cards
  2. Using the Valentine’s Day stamp and ink pad, stamp the wording onto the top of your card
  3. Cut the potato in half and either draw or use the cookie cutter to create a heart shape on one half of the potato. Cut around the heart to create a stamp. Do this again on the other half of the potato creating a different size heart.
  4. Paint the heart on one half of the potato and stamp it onto your card. Repeat this step with the second potato stamp.
  5. Glue the string or ribbon to the card, starting at the bottom of each heart to the bottom edge of the card. This creates the balloon’s strings.
  6. Carefully cut 2 small slits in the card and slide the sucker through. This creates your third “balloon”
  7. Have your kiddo sign their name and that’s it! You’re personalized Valentine’s Day card is done!

We can’t wait to see the magic that you and your kiddo create this Valentine’s Day! Please tag us on Instagram (@lalikids) so that we can see all of your sweet Valentines.

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