Holiday Gift Wrap With Laura Prietto

The Holidays are quickly approaching which means lots of decorations, baking, and of course gift wrapping. Our good friend Laura created the sweetest gift wrapping craft that you and your kiddos can do together. Even better? She reuses the Lali packaging!

With the cold winter days sneaking in, we’re all spending a little more time inside. This simple craft is the perfect activity to keep you and your little ones entertained while adding an extra special touch to each of your gifts.


-Lali shipping envelope (or a thick craft paper)

-Lali reusable tote bag (or any cute reusable tote bag)


-stencil (cookie cutters make the perfect Holiday stencils!)


-yarn needle

-hole puncher


Step 1: Gather your supplies

Step 2: Trace your stencils on the shipping envelope or craft paper

Step 3: Cut out each of your traced designs

Step 4: Punch holes into each design

Step 5: Thread the yarn through the holes. You can thread it in any design you like.

Step 6: Put your gift inside of the tote bag and tie it with yarn to keep it closed

Step 7: Tie the gift tag that you created to your newly wrapped gift!

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @lalikids if you try this. We can’t see what you create!

Thank you so much to our good friend, Laura, for this activity. She is absolutely wonderful and we loved getting to see how she transformed our packing materials into something so sweet and new!  Please follow her on Instagram @_laura_prietto

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