Lali Travel Guide: Maine

Last October, Our small team (Kelley, Elizabeth and I) headed to Maine to shoot AW22 collection. Kelley and I drove around the beautiful Penobscot bay area scouting for the perfect location for our shoot. We searched all over for the wild blue berry barons. After a full day of searching, we stumbled upon the perfect vista of vibrant red covered ground overlooking the bay. Maine’s beauty is unparallel to none specially in Fall. Every corner of this bay is full of natural tranquil beauty. For someone who doesn’t consider herself outdoorsy, Maine definitely made be want to spend my days hiking and forest bathing.



Although Photoshoots seem glamourous from the outside, they are incredibly long and draining days. From keeping the models happy and making sure the clothes fit just right A lot goes behind the scene to get the perfect shot.

Its always inevitable that we feel like we didn’t get much chance to explore the place we shoot in. Maine is breathtakingly beautiful with lots to explore. After the shoot, we were able to explore the natural beauty of this state. Below are some of my recommendations if you ever visit Maine.


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