October is Here...

And along with everything cozy and cinnamon tasting and autumnal. Also such a great time for family photos, which are always so worth it even though the planning process can be a hassle. 

We know it can be a headache putting together outfits so we asked our lookbook photographer Elizabeth Alison to give some ideas on how to style the whole family together and look cohesive in a photo. 

She sent over her list of tips she gives families when planning a shoot with her and we thought we’d share! 

     1. Coordinating not matching (most of the time).

As a general rule it’s always better to wear styles and colors and flatter one another but don’t go too far into the realm of matchy matchy. It makes the photos more dynamic and editorial for one not to mention more natural looking —because when does your family actually ever all wear black shirts with blue jeans? 😉I do say most of the time though because every now and then there is a moment for maybe kids or mom and daughter to lean a little more into the matching and it can be so fun!

     2. Don’t be afraid of patterns/ color

This is such an important one for me! I feel like everyone thinks they have to wear neutrals and while neutrals are amazing they're definitely not the only option. Think about the location you’re shooting in and what colors/styles would suit it. If you have someone in a particularly eye-catching pattern then dress others in styles that are less bold yet still cohesive and special. Lali kids does such a good job of creating collections that pair patterns together seamlessly. 

  1. Pick a color scheme but don’t feel like you have to be rigid with it. Say you pick green, mustard, and cream? Don’t be afraid of mixing in a pop or red or blue in there too. 
  2. Stay away from distracting things like logos/writing/ colors that don’t tell the story / and distracting footwear. 
  3. Lastly, Enjoy your family during the shoot don’t worry about  perfect smiles every time or how your hands look. Your photographer will guide you through all that and the photos will always be better if your focus is just having a sweet time with family where you are right now. 

I’ve put together a couple mood board ideas for your to get some inspiration of looks that go together really well. Hope this helps! 

Children’s styles: Lali Kids 

Men’s styles: Madewell 

Women’s styles: Doen, and Christy Dawn


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