Spring '23: Desert Blooms

As a child and an adult I visited the state of Rajasthan often. This place is rich in history. From Tribal desert culture to royalty, it has stark contrasts. Desert nomad tribes that have ancient hand embroidery techniques and turban fabric prints that proudly show what tribe they belong to. Ornate forts, palaces, and aqua ducts built centuries ago that have patina from the relentless heat and monsoon rains.

 Whenever I am there, after a few days of bustling markets and busyness of the city and its people, I like to escape to the desert and watch the sunsets. There is a sense of peace and serenity that always feels like a respite after the overexuberance of this opulent state. A place where you want to sit on a sand dune and let the time pass by.

We took inspiration from the desert flora and fauna that blooms when it rains. A color palette that reflects the softness of the sunsets there. We created Lali's signature painterly prints by taking inspiration from the thorny vines and vibrant flowers that bloom despite the harsh climate.

The collection is created using fabrics that barely touch the skin and feel like that cool desert evening breeze. Cotton voile, linen and cotton silk.

We hope you see the quiet desert beauty in this collection.

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