Sumer Crafting with our friend Laura Prietto

With Summer in full swing, we are always looking for fun activities to do with our kiddos. Our friend and resident crafter, Laura, has created a new (and super easy!) craft you and your kiddos can do together…with just a few simple supplies that you probably already have laying around!


Paper Plates

Fabric strips or Yarn



Stick (optional)                                                                     



  • Cut a flower shape out of a paper plate. Be sure to have an odd number of petals so you’ll have an odd number of yarn “spokes” to go over and under as you weave around.

  • Paint the paper plate whatever color you’d like. Then fasten a piece of yarn to the back of the plate and wrap around the plate going through each petal creating a spoked “wheel” to weave through. Fasten the other end of the yarn to the back of the plate when complete.

  • Tape a stick to the back for decorative flowers, or you could attach them to string and make a garland. Skies the limit!

With the July 4th holiday right around the corner, these would be sweet decorations you and your kiddos could make to help with the festivities. But it’s the perfect craft for those rainy days stuck inside or when you’re just trying to cool off from the hot Summer sun.

We always love to see what you create, so please tag us on Instagram @lalikids to share your sweet creations with us!

Follow Laura @_laura_prietto to get inspired for more simple crafts to do with your little ones.

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